Easy Peasy Chocolat Pudding

 Picture by ColorMeKate

After craving for something chocolaty without having a chocolat bar at hand respectively the will to go out and buying something, I found a very easy to prepare and delicious recipe for chocolat pudding. Hmmmm.

Easy Peasy Chocolat Pudding serves

40g Cornstarch
3 Tbsp Unsweetened cocoa
4 Tbsp Sugar
0.5L Whole milk
Optional: chocolat sprinkles, whippes cream... what you prefer!

Mix the cornstarch and the cocoa with about 200mL of the milk and stir until dissolved. Heat the remaining milk with sugar until it boils. Now add the cornstarch mixture wisking continuously for about a minute. You will notice that the mass thickens after a few seconds. Pour the pudding in, with cold water rinsed, bowls and let cool at least for 2 hours.

I had some oranges at hand, so I flavoured the boiling milk with orange zest and topped the finished pudding with slices of orange. But there are no bounds and you can play around whatever you like: chocolat sprinkles, whipped cream, fruits (hmmm... when starts strawberry season? ;) )...

The photo above is from Katie Solokers lovely blog ColorMeKate, a freelance photographer and street artist living in Brooklyn. Love the colors. :)

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