Krakow Guide Part I

For Stephan and me it was the second time we visited Krakow. The last time was almost exactly two years ago. Only this time I did actually a little prep work what we want to see and - of course - eat there and I came up with a list containing actually more restaurants than days of our stay - even if we would eat twice a day ;) So here's the first part of my little Krakow guide, which will contain restaurant reviews and things to do / to see. I hope you're going to visit Krakow and enjoy this cute town as much as I did! :)

Dining in Krakow

There are many really good restaurants, everyone on my list was easily approachable within walking distance from our hotel located in the old town. I actually had the feeling that every second restaurant I've gone by had a guide michelin recommandation sticker sticking on the door. I'd like to mention at first, that - besides the hullabaloo with the Euro - the exchange rate was pretty good. We got for 1 Euro about 4 Zloti, so dining in a restaurant was pretty cheap (in comparison to Germany) for food of this quality.

The first restaurant I'd like to show serves traditional polish cuisine. The polish cuisine is rich of simple food, I would say inspired by the rural culture of the country.

Restauracja Wesele

Kind of Food: Traditional Polish
Price: 9-25 PLN for starter, 19 - 60 PLN for main and 10 - 15 PLN for dessert
Points on the NOM-scale: **

The Wesele is located directly on the main market place, Rynek Główny, and serves tradition polish cuisine. The interior is also a polish statement, mainly colored in the colors red and white. Looks a little kitchy but also very welcoming. The service is english speaking and attentive. We visited Wesele right after our arrival in Krakow for lunch. We ordered  Mountain sytle grilled sheep cheese served with cranberry jelly  and Mushrooms with onions lightly fried in butter and cream, served on fuilette as starter and for the main Pierogie "Ruskie" Russian style dumplings (stuffed with potatoes, cottage cheese and fried onions) and Goose breast on a a bed of golden pears roasted with honey and red wine serves with a side of dwarf apples and cranberries.
I really liked my food, grilled sheep cheese - it was halloumi style cheese - is everytime a winner and a comfort food for me. And since I'm a pierogie lover I really liked them. Stephan also liked his food, but the goose was a little on the dry side - nonetheless it was good. And the sauce reminded me of mullet wine ;)

I would recommend visiting the Wesele since it serves good traditional polish food, but in my opinion it didn't come up to the expectation a guide michelin recommended restaurant has set.

Restauracja Wesele

Rynek Główny 10
31-042 Kraków, Polska
+48 (12) 422 74 60

All week: 12:00 am – 11:00 pm

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