Krakow Part II

This is the second part of my Krakow Guide and today I'm going to tell about our visit in a restaurant called Arenda in the Kazimierz district. Kazimierz is located south-eastern from the old town. It was originally occupied mainly by the jewish community and was partly used as a setting in Stephen Spielbergs movie Schindler's List.

It's really nice for having a walk through the narrow streets and enjoying the little artsy shops, cafés and the old houses. We arrived by tram at Stradomska station and walked down the street until Stradomska changed to Krakowska. From there we headed into the narrow streets in direction to Plac Nowy Zydowski (new jewish plaza) with the old slaughterhouse in it's center.

Nowadays, there are little kiosks in it selling the best zapiekanki (polish pizzas) in whole krakow. Beyond that you can buy antiques or visiting the flea market which takes place every sunday. Not far from Plac Nowy you can visit at least five synagogues and the old jewish cemetery.

Around noon we decided for a lunch at restauracja Arenda, just a few meters away from Plac Nowy (see review below). After lunch we continued our tour walking down Estery, looked at the artsy shops, went by Skałka, a small hill and walked around the St. Stanislaus Church.

At least we visited the Ethnographic Museum, which gives an insight into the polish culture and developement through the years. In the ground floor you'll find some replicas of a traditional polish hut and some workplaces of the last century, like an olive press. In the first floor is an exhibition which shows the life from birth do death of polish people in the past. Overall I found it very interesting and there are many parallels to the german rural culture.

Restauracja Café Arenda

Kind of Food: Traditional Polish
Price: 9-25 PLN for starter, 25 - 60 PLN for main and 10 - 16 PLN for dessert
Points on the NOM-scale: **

The interior of Arenda is surprisingly modern in contrast to the building it's located in. The walls were decorated with colorful baroque wallpapers and the restaurant is devided into two rooms, the first you enter is used as a café.

To the left is a second room - the dining area with around 15 tables. Since we were the first guests that day, the service was fast and very kind and we placed our orders shortly. It was a pity that the choosen starter wasn't available, because the chef's had not prepared the pierogie yet.So I had to skip the pierogie filled with wild boar and ordered the grilled vegetables instead. As main I took the salmon with herbed rice. Stephan had an onion soup and as main dish pierogie with cream cheese and butter. The starters approached fast and were presentated nicely. I had a large variety of vegetables: pepper, eggplant, zucchini, artichoke, onions and even some delicious fennel and a halved garlic bulb, grilled until the garlic was creamy. I really liked it though the vegetables could have been covered in a little less olive oil. The mains were okay - my salmon was a little bit underseasoned and on the dry side. The herbed rice was risotto style with cream cheese and plenty of parsley. The homemade lemonade I had there was very refreshing and good. Altogether we had a good lunch in a nice ambience. If you plan to visit Arenda, please try the pierogi with wild boar and let me know if I missed a culinary experiece - thank you ;)

Restauracja Café Arenda

ul. Nowa 3A
31-056 Kraków, Kazimierz
012 430 15 47

Monday-Saturday: 12.00 to 23.00
Sunday. 12.00 to 22.00

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