Let me introduce our new family member... our chatty kitty cat named Nibbler.

We picked him up from Stephan's sister and brought him home after a 4 hour long drive yesterday. After almost one and a half days in his new home, he slowly gets accustomed to us and our apartment.
With his 10 weeks, he sleeps alot (almost 20 hours per day) and in the meantime he wants our full attention, jumping around like a little whirlwind playing with his fishing rod (its feather scrub is in the picture above).

Apart from that, there are no more news. It's very hot right now in Germany (35°C/95°F) and I'm not in the mood cooking complex meals right now. Chilled watermelon is my food of choice. So be patient until the weather cooled down a bit and working in the kitchen is fun again! :)


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